Naturopathic Medicine:  Principals


First Do No Harm

Naturopathic Doctors use methods and medicines that minimize the risk of harmful side effect by supporting the natural functioning of the organs and systems and reducing unnecessary structural and functional stress. ND's also believe that suppressing symptoms can cause harm and therefore support patients through the course of an illness while treating the underlying cause of the disease. The goal of naturopathic medicine is to optimize the body's capacity to heal in a safe, effective, and mindful way.


Treat the Whole Person

In addition to addressing specific complaints or symptoms, NDs look at the ‘whole picture’. The physical, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental and social factors, contributing to the health of each individual patient, are thoroughly considered.


Treat the Individual

Every individual is unique.  Naturopathic medcine treats the indvidual and not the disease.


Identify and Treat the Root Cause(s) of Disease

In addition to alleviating acute and chronic symptoms of disease, NDs seek to identify and remove underlying causes of illness. Rather than merely eliminating or suppressing symptoms, this approach moves the body toward maintaining an optimal state of health.


Doctor as Teacher

NDs work collaboratively with patients by sharing knowledge and information to create a successful treatment plan. Patients are encouraged to take responsibility for their own optimal health.


Emphasize Disease Prevention

NDs emphasize prevention of disease by assessing risk factors, heredity and susceptibility to disease in each patient. Appropriate interventions can then be made in partnership with patients to prevent illness.


Support the Healing Power of the Body

The practice of naturopathic medicine recognizes an ordered and intelligent self-healing process that is inherent to every individual. NDs work to identify and remove obstacles to healing and recovery and to facilitate this natural self-healing process.