Philosophy of Medicine




Dis-ease and homeostasis are dynamic processes.  Disease is viewed as a process, not as an entity. Healing is therefore the process of re-establishing homeostasis/physiology/balance. Do not treat or suppress symptoms. Symptoms are viewed as the language of the body. Symptoms represent physiological compensations by the body. As the body compensates for disturbances to the its vital force/physiology, symptoms emerge as markers. The doctor evaluates the pattern of these markers/symptoms, and treats the appropriate system. Thus, symptoms are resolved by restoring balance to the underlying, imbalanced system.


Suppression of symptoms and disease are the least desirable approach and are viewed as harmful to the WHOLE physiological system (i.e. applying cortisone cream to eczema does nothing to address the underlying processes of the disease. As a result, the body finds other means of compensating for the underlying imbalance that has not been addressed. Thus, asthma-like symptoms emerge as the new symptoms, representing the same disease process, but now at a deeper stage of degeneration).

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