Auricular Medicine


A highly sensitive tool for assessing and treating bioenergetic imbalances in the body. 

Defining "Bio-energetics":

Bioenergetics is concerend with the flow of energy through living systems.


In biochemical terms this energy flow refers to processes that can lead to the production and utilization of energy in forms such as ATP molecules.


In Asian medicine is refers to the flow of Qi (Chi) through the meridian system.


In Homeopathy this energy is know as the vital force.

Defining Auricular Medicine:

Auricular Medicine is a highly developed assessment technique that measures changes in the energy field of the body. The external ear, which is highly innervated tissue, has reflex areas which represent all organs, glands and tissues in the body. Each reflex area connects with the body through the brain, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. These reflex areas allows the ear to be used for the detection of imbalances in the body. These imbalances or “obstacles to cure” represent issues that impede the body’s ability to heal and regulate itself. Representative filters are used in this highly energetic reflex technique to monitor the radial pulse of the wrist. The energetic field will either expand or contract in response to the stimuli created by these filters providing the practitioner with vital treatment information and protocols to stimulate the body’s own healing process.